Order and security

For 60 years, products have been manufactured under the brand name Metalkas, ensuring users safety, value protection and order.

These include primarily mechanical passive security systems, including safes, armored cabinets, multi-divisions, and transfer cabinets. Metal shelves, metal social, office and workshop furniture. Cabinets for secret offices, cabinets and safes for storing weapons. As well as metal cassettes, hanging cabinets for key storage, first aid kits, post boxes, display cabinets.



How many needs, so many types.
How many tastes, so many possibilities.
But they have one thing in common, SAFETY.

Metal shelving

The metal shelf is the most functional furniture that has stormed various industries. It looks perfectly in each room, even a designer’s.

Social cabinets

Clothing cabinets can be used at schools and factories, gyms and sports clubs. The compartment can be equipped with a bar with hooks and a shelf, also with a partition for separating clean clothes from the work clothes. The perforations help to maintain ventilation and freshness of the items.

Cash boxes

Big and small depending on your needs.
But they all have the power of SECURITY.

Lockers for keys

All keys are under control.
Organised, safe and close at hand.


Their basic task: SAFETY
is a priority, but who saidthat they can not be

First-aid cabinets

Small but very important and necessary.
Created for your SAFETY.

Office cabinets

Safe storage of documents is often
a duty but also a responsibility

Mailboxes and gas boxes

Comfortable to use, aesthetic, but SAFE above all.
Available only for authorized persons.

Workshop furniture

Being creative means experimenting, constant raising the bar and good fun. Start with the optimism and organize yourself a good working space.

Weapon cabinets

Exceptional protection.
Our cabinets offer convenient access
combined with ideal protection.

Metal desks

Space filled up with human beings, work, discussions. Individual needs and preferences make everyone want to decorate their space differently.
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