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Luxury Safes Personalize Your Dreams

Individual Prestige SafeOur each product is as unique as our each Customer.


Natural beauty

Natural beauty bathed in the shades of brown, accentuated with expressive finish of the highest quality wood. Magnificent ilumination embracing mutually overlapping forms. Made for interiors with extraordinary design, for a person with sublime taste. Created with craftsman’s precision, the safe becomes a little work of art itself.

It is the customers who choose the type of wood and its finish which meets their refined tastes and corresponds to the interior design. When you open the door, you will be astonished by the rich abundance of forms and possibilities. Tested and trusted over the years, our widely appreciated technology provides complete protection for your valuables.

The interior of the safe is designed according to individual requirements of the customer: watch winders, shelves, LED lighting in any colour, caskets, specially tailored cases and additional jewellery boxes. These are made with astounding precision and delicacy.

Breeze of freedom and luxury

Refined shape and a subtle mixture of white shades. The space is accentuated with a delicate outline. Interior geometry is like a refreshing breeze of freedom and luxury.

This design is dedicated for those who prefer minimalism and secrecy. Solid colour and modern rounded edges of the safe are an expression of natural elegance. A gently contoured contrasting tone is a sign of style and uniqueness. Created with passion and incredible accuracy, the safe will perfectly fit in modern and minimalist interiors.

Locks and protections, selected individually to meet the Customer’s expectations, guarantee the safety of valuable belongings. It is the customer’s individual needs and remarkable taste that determine the choice out of the wide range of smart interior solutions as well as its type and aesthetic appeal.


Classic refinement and elegance

Classic refinement and elegance on the inside and outside. Perfectly personalised, finished off with utmost precision and embellished with precious materials of individual choice, the interior of the safe will meet the needs of the most sublime tastes. We have prepared a unique offer for our most demanding customers: interior caskets embellished with… Swarovski crystals!

Refined casing in the colour and tone of one’s own choice is in harmony with elegant interiors. You will be astonished by its subtle touch as well as its distinguished form reflecting 60 years of GRZENIA’s tradition. Our brand dates back to 1957.

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