Combination ladders

W fabryce Metalkas, pod marką Bayersystem produkowane są drabiny przemysłowe przystawne oraz wolnostojące a także drabino-rusztowania.
Seria drabin przemysłowych przystawnych, wykonanych ze stopu aluminium, spełnia wymagania normy europejskiej PN EN-131.
Jej konstrukcja jest lekka i łatwa w przenoszeniu i transporcie.

Ladders are perfectly suited for use in renovation and construction works, and are also appreciated by amateurs of garden work.

A series of free-standing industrial ladders, made of aluminum. Meets the European standard PN EN-131 and has a certified load capacity of max. 150 kg – these are ladders for professionals. The double-sided ladder has the ability to vertically unfold and step into, for example, the building’s wall.

Additionally, it has the possibility of extending the 3rd element and fulfilling the function of a free-standing ladder.
The hooks secure the hooks against unintentional slipping of the pull-out elements.
Safety is ensured by non-slip steps, a wide stabilizer placed on one of the ladder bases, non-slip plastic feet and a rod or strap (depending on the number of steps) to prevent the ladder from slipping apart. The Bayersystem offer also includes a universal, multifunctional aluminum scaffold with the European standard PN EN-131.
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