The best Ladders for professionals

Based on the experience of Metalkas company, which has been present on the market for 60 years, the Bayersystem brand was established.
Offering products for over 10 years that are used in workshop and transport work as well as guaranteeing safe work at heights.
These include, above all, house ladders, industrial ladders and plastic shelves.


Household ladders

Under the Bayersystem brand, single-sided and double-sided aluminum house ladders are manufactured. Single-sided aluminum ladders that meet the requirements of European standard EN 131. Stable platform and wide aluminum steps with non-slip structure guarantee user’s safety.

Combination ladders

In the Metalkas factory, under the Bayersystem brand, ladders and free-standing ladders as well as ladder-scaffolding are produced. A series of industrial ladders, made of aluminum alloy, meets the requirements of the European standard EN 131.

Plastic shelving

Plastic shelves produced by Bayersystem are primarily characterized by easy assembly and light construction. They are equipped with push-in elements, thanks to which their assembly does not require specialized devices and skills.
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