Quality policy

The President and Highest Management of Metalkas Sp. z o.o. declare
Achieving the planned quality results through implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System based on the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The strategic objective of the Management Board of Metalkas Sp. z o.o.:

– Continuation of production and increase in sales of both goods and services,
– Expanding the product range with new types and varieties,
– Acquiring new customers and adapting products to their needs,
– Intensification of marketing activities aimed at entering new markets,
– Intensification of activities aimed at expanding the range of certified products,
– Carrying out activities in an organized way, on the basis of the implemented Quality System and continuous improvement.

We will pursue our strategic objectives through:

– Continuous improvement of product design, construction, production and servicing techniques,
– Recruitment of highly qualified technical personnel,
– Systematic training of the company management and employees,
– Ensuring modern means of production and technical equipment,
– Comprehensive customer service,
– Systematic increase in production while maintaining the quality level,
– Observance of legal requirements in the areas of company activity,
– Cooperation only with qualified partners and sub-contractors.

On behalf of the Management Board of Metalkas Sp. z o.o. I declare my willingness to constantly promote quality awareness at all levels of the Company, which would encourage employees to continuously improve quality in their daily work. We undertake to provide adequate resources and means to implement the Quality Policy.

President of the Management Board, Tadeusz Grzenia

Metalkas Sp. z o.o.
ul. Deszczowa 63
85-467 Bydgoszcz
tel: +48 52 372 27 47
fax: +48 52 34 90 198