General Trading Conditions

General Trading Conditions of Metalkas Sp. z o.o.

1. Trade offer:
a) is designed for firms and institutions
b) special trading conditions for a Purchaser require the specific approval of Metalkas Sp. z o.o.
c) this trading offer supersedes any previous offers. The appearance of products being sold can vary from those shown in the pictures.
2. Order and invoicing:
a) an order should contain data on quantity and the type of goods; it can be placed by fax, post or Internet; a signature and a stamp of the Purchaser are obligatory.
b) orders are always confirmed using the ‘Order Confirmation’ form that is designed to inform the Purchaser of the order acceptance under the Trading Conditions herein.
c) the Seller reserves the right to change the standard locks used in products as well as their prices taking into account actual customs duty rates, tax rates and current rates of exchange.
d) withdrawal of the order has to be in writing and delivered 2 days after the date of placing the order at the latest; it requires the approval of the Management of Metalkas Sp. z o.o.
3. Delivery Conditions:
a) the Seller will exercise due diligence to meet the set deadline of the delivery. The Seller is not responsible for the consequences of any delay in delivery; a part delivery is permissible.
b) cash boxes, lockers for keys, medical cabinets, cashier stations, safes, mailboxes and shelving units are delivered free of charge if the order net value exceeds PLN 1500; if not, the charges for delivery of products will be according to the price list of a delivery firm; THESE TRADING CONDITIONS ARE VALID ONLYWITHIN THE TERRITORY OF POLAND.
c) products are delivered to the Purchaser’s address. The delivery destination has to be indicated in the order by the Purchaser and it has to be a postal address where the Purchaser can acknowledge receipt of the goods.
d) the Purchaser is responsible for the unloading of the vehicle and further activities (carrying in to the office or warehouse, unpacking, assembly, etc.).
e) delivery periods are indicated in weeks beginning from the order confirmation date.
4. Conditions of payment:
a) cash on delivery
b) collection on delivery by forwarder
c) goods belong to the seller until full payment, in accordance with Article. 589 k.c . Invoices unpaid on time will cause collection of the goods by the seller.
d) prepayment of 100% value of the goods to the account of the Seller for a pro forma invoice before shipment of the goods. After the payment is registered in the Seller’s account, the dispatch of the goods is executed.
5. Guarantee conditions and responsibility for defects in goods:
a) the products are covered by a 24 months’ guarantee beginning from the date of sale (i.e. date of delivery) without the necessity of a paid inspection being carried out and with 36 months’ guarantee beginning from the date of sale (i.e. date of delivery) with the necessity of a paid inspection to be carried out after 24 months from the date of sale (i.e. date of delivery).
b) the Seller shall not bear responsibility for any defects covered by the quality guarantee if the defects were caused by the Purchaser after delivery or by circumstances beyond the control of the Seller or the forwarding firm.
c) the guarantee shall be cancelled if a product is not used appropriately or its operating instructions are not followed or if the product is repaired, modified or damaged by the user.
d) repair under guarantee shall not include activities provided by operating instructions to be carried out by and at the expense of the user; the guarantee shall not cover normal wear and tear.
e) the Purchaser is obliged to check the goods immediately on delivery. In the case of damage during transport of the delivered goods, the Purchaser should indicate this on the dispatch note.
f) complaints concerning hidden defects should be made immediately after they are discovered and up to14 days after the date of delivery at the latest.
g) the complaints have to be made in writing; the date of sending is crucial; in the case of quality defects, the defective goods have to be offered for inspection or an official defect confirmation report has to be submitted.
h) obligations resulting from the responsibility for defects shall be carried out at the Seller’s premises.
i) except for claims resulting from defects in goods, the Purchaser has no right of compensation, among other things in place of profit lost due to the delivery of goods with defects.
j) after the complaint is accepted, the defective goods will be removed at the expense of Metalkas Sp. z o.o. If the correction of the defective goods is impossible, the goods will be replaced with goods free from defects.
6. Other conditions
These General Trading Conditions apply to all purchase contracts made between the Purchaser and the Seller for products offered by Metalkas Sp. z o.o. and they are the integral part of the order. For cases not covered by these Trading Conditions, the appropriate regulations for purchase contracts under the Civil Code shall apply.
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